Cloud disk

Cloud Disk is a service provided to existing users who place equipment in our data center as well as physical servers tenants. Ordering Cloud Disk service you get a virtual disk in our cloud storage working on iSCSI technology. The disk will be available in your server via the network card we have installed. You may order the service on HDD and SSD. Ordering this service can significantly increase the security and safety of information as it is placed on a fault-tolerant storage in which all data is geographically distributed and reserved.

Provisioning time — up to 1 day
Cloud disk type Total
Cloud disk HDD
(port 1 Gbps)
Cloud disk SSD
(port 10 Gbps)
Cloud disk NVME
(port n x 10 Gbps)
Setup fee 1 EUR
Monthly fee 1 EUR
1.Payment is made in UAH at the current interbank rate. In case of need VAT 20% is charged additionally.