Backup Space / Veeam

The user obtains drive space for storing backup copies, accessible via various file transfer protocols over the network ordering the Backup Space service.

More information about the service

Ready time - up to 1 hour
Setup Configuration
Backup Space
Firewall 1
Daily data changes 3
per day
Daily backup time frame 4
time interval
Transmission speed 5
Veeam backup tasks 8
Monthly fee 9 EUR
1.Firewall rules count.
2.Display additional options for fine-tuning service settings.
3.The amount of data that is planned to be downloaded every day.
4.The time during which the selected data volume is planned to be downloaded.
5.Estimated storage access speed depends on the selected data amount and backup time interval.
6.If the selected access speed must be provided outside the networks of Colocall DC and Ukrainian traffic exchange points, please select this option.
7.The service is created in compatibility with Veeam Backup mode in the selection of an option, which provides the ability to store backups created using Veeam Backup.
8.Number of simultaneous Veeam backup tasks.
9.Payment is made in UAH at the current interbank rate. In case of need VAT 20% is charged additionally.