Communication channel

The service allows to plan Internet access channels with the possibility of DDoS attacks protection, firewall and transport channels. You can find required channel bandwidth in our configurator. It is enough to select the incoming cleaned traffic to order attacks protection service. Select the number of rules, the settings are made in the service control panel to activate the firewall.

Communication channel for service
Service login
  The channel will be provided for physical (dedicated) server of Colocall DC. The channel will be provided for cloud server of Colocall DC. The channel will be provided for cloud infrastructure (IaaS) of Colocall DC. The channel will be provided for the equipment located in Colocall DC. Channel connection can be provided at any of our sites, while transport is organized by you separately. It is possible to organize connection using private peering organized via any traffic exchange (IX) point, as well as via one of the operators we have in Colocall DC. Please contact our managers to agree on the details.
Setup Configuration
Traffic, UA 1
Gbps ua
Traffic, world 1
Mbps world
~TB traffic
IP addresses
Traffic, world 2
with traffic clearance
IP addresses 2
with traffic clearance
Firewall 3
Total 4 EUR
1.Traffic in the channels is unlimited, you have to select only the bandwidth of the channel.
2.The bandwidth and the number of IP addresses for cleaned traffic selection.
3.Number of firewall rules.
4.Payment is made in UAH at the current interbank rate. VAT 20% is charged additionally.